Every person as they near the end of their life deserves to be taken care of, loved on, and treated with respect.

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His Heart For Africa currently provides elderly care for 12 individuals. These beautiful souls have no one to look after them or care for them. One of the reasons that people in this culture have so many kids is that they hope that one of them will survive long enough to take care of them one day. There is no hospice, no nursing home to move in to. If you don't have someone to look after you, you will be left to lay where you are and die.

His Heart For Africa sees the need to care for these elderly, who have poured so much of themselves into others around them for so long, who have no one else to look after them. Every week, we pack rice, beans, sugar, salt, and soap and our staff deliver it to these people and spend quality time with them. We long for them to know that they are deeply loved and not forgotten. 
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