His Heart For Africa was founded by Heather Teague in 2013 and was officially licensed as a 501(c)(3) in 2014; however, to fully understand her love of Africa we must rewind back to 2011.

Heather was given the opportunity to spend 5 weeks in Uganda during Christmas break of her junior year in college. When Heather’s feet touched the Ugandan soil she immediately knew that leaving this beautiful country would be difficult. She enjoyed spending time with a friend who was in the process of adopting twins. Walking the red clay roads, handing out sweeties (candy) and shoes to beautiful children, making friends with young mothers living in the worst conditions imaginable…. God was working on Heather’s heart. She wasn’t sure what God was planning nor how it would unfold but she KNEW she would be back in Uganda serving these people.

Heather returned home in January of 2012 to finish her education at Middle Tennessee State University. She founded His Heart For Africa during the summer semester of her senior year and worked hard to complete the required forms to obtain Non-Profit status. God definitely had His hand on the planning, paperwork, and approval for our organization.

Heather is now in her fourth year of ministering and loving on the people of Jinja. The seeds that were planted in her heart in 2011 are still guiding her as she continues this journey in faith. The ministry has grown and changed over the years. 

HHFA originally was assisting other organizations in the Jinja area that had needs that Heather could help meet. The longer she was there, however, the more focused God called her to be. HHFA continues to work with other organizations in the Jinja community, but has seen the need for focusing specifically on the education of children and quality care for the elderly. Too many moms (mamas) and grandmas (jajas) don't have the means to send their children to school. In order to end the cycle of poverty, children have to receive an education. No matter where you are or what your circumstances are, every child deserves the right to an education. And every person deserves to be loved on and treated with respect as they near the end of their lives.

HHFA currently has 125 children in our education sponsorship program and 12 elderly that we are caring for. Click here to learn more about these programs and click here to donate to help us continue changing their lives. 
  1. Heather
    Founder & Executive Director
    On the ground in Jinja, making sure things are running smoothly.
  2. Viola
    Elderly Care
    Takes food and basic necessities to the elderly in Jinja and spends quality time with them.